Friday, January 3, 2014

Project 365 -Day 3

Penny made herself comfortable this morning when DJ got out of bed and snuggled into his spot. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Project 365 - Day 2

Laylah came in this morning dressed in her daddies clothes. Was very funny and she looked very cute!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Exciting Times Ahead.....2014

Just a quick one as I have had a long day. I know it has been quiet around here for a while now but so much has been happening (more on that soon!). Today is a new year and new exciting this are happening this year. But the first thing I wanted to do is share my projecy 365 with you this year. I did the same thing last year but just for myself, but this year I am going to share! 

Day 1 - having afternoon snuggles with my Joey! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mt Wellington Hike

On Fathers Day this year, we decided we weren't just going to sit at home but get out into the beautiful forests and bush of Tasmania. As it was such a beautiful day (probably the first hot day we have had since winter) we packed up our backpacks and headed to Mt Wellington National Park. There are so many walking tracks on this mountain it was hard to decide which one we were going to start with. After some time studying the map (which we ended up borrowing due to the fact that I cant read the map shops opening times and missed the shop all together) we chose where we were going and headed off. There was so many other people out and about this day! It was wonderful to see all the families out  enjoying the weather and environment.

We started our morning doing a very short walk past this little creek... was very pretty.

 Next we headed to Sphinx rock.... it was interesting standing out there on the edge of the rock in the wind with a huge drop is also set up there to rock climb so might have to go back and do some climbing!

We had a quick break.... 

The view was incredible! 

Next stop was the octopus tree... it was huge!!! And amazing that this tree could wrap itself around this large rock!

 Stopping to have another break.... with the girls we spent 4 hours walking total and it helped that about every half hour we would have a little break :)

Our last stop for the day was the organ pipes.... these cliffs are huge!!!! It was amazing look up at them! You can see them in the majority of pictures of Mt Wellington but being up close to them is incredible.

The girls and I having a little break. 

These walking tracks were wonderful. You felt like you were in the middle of nowhere and had the most amazing view but really you were not far from the main road heading up to the summit. I love going hiking with my family and this weekend was wonderful family time. The 4 hours we were walking the girls barely complained and just walked along singing "we're going on a bear hunt" countless times. We even managed to find a couple of geocaches while on the hike...... one of them by complete accident! I just happened to think this would be the perfect spot for a cache and what do you know??? there was one right there! I love our family hiking times!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Laylah's Second Seventh Birthday Party!

I mentioned a while ago that Laylah had 2 birthday parties and I have posted about one here. And since yesterday was Josephine's 4th birthday and I really want to post pics from her birthday, I thought I should get the second birthday party up of Laylahs. Now the first birthday party just happened to be a games night we were having with friends on her actual birthday so it really wasn't her actual party, but the second was where she invited her best friend from school and a couple of our friends kids along for a lovely afternoon tea. It was an afternoon after school so Laylah had no idea what I had in store for the party. I set everything up and Josie and I waiting by the window for them to come home and surprise the birthday girl.

Since she had already had the epic homemade icecream cake.... I decided a little bought cupcake was going to be the cake this time around.

Jose waiting for them to come home... we sat there for a good 20mins watching all the cars coming into our little community and waiting for our Red Rav4 to enter.

Here they are!!!!! (we also had Laylah's best friend as they both catch the bus together) 

The surprised little girl!!!!! 

A little speechless.... which for anyone who knows Laylah that is a miracle! 

Laylah had such a wonderful birthday party! It was great that there was only a couple of kids as they were able to play a lot nicer together. I look forward to the birthday party planning for next year!

Friday, October 4, 2013

One Year On

So a few days ago marked our One year anniversary moving to this wonderful state! We have achieved so much in the past year that it feels more like we have lived in Tasmania for 5 years. I travelled back to QLD twice (once with the whole family), we bought a house, sold our house in QLD, been camping, Dustyn has done 2 long hiking trips, explored more of Tasmania than I feel most of the locals have explored, We have had both sets of parents come and visit, done several trips up to Smithton to visit family, Added to our family - our little puppy named Penelope, bought a new car, started renovations on our house, started a second job and countless other things along with Dustyn working full time, Laylah school full time, studying and my own work and business. It has been one busy year but I would not change a thing. Yes I miss people back in QLD, yes I wish I was closer, but I really cant see myself living anywhere else just at the moment. I love it here it feels like home. I have made some wonderful friends, Dustyn has made some great friends and the girls have made some wonderful friends also. I love the cooler weather and the snow we get to see often on the Mountain. It really is a beautiful place to live. I thought I would list a few things I love about living here and a few things I could do without.

Things I absolutely love about Tasmania:

  • In a few days time we start daylight savings.... I really love this time of year, it means we can do so much more exploring or playing in the park or just spending times out doors. 
  • Everything in Tasmania is really close. Yes we are cut off from the rest of Australia but everything in Tassie is really not that far away and can be driven to without too much trouble. 
  • Hobart's size. I am not a huge city girl, I grew up in Brisbane and personally I hate the size of it. Hobart is perfect... its small enough to basically get anywhere you need in no more than half hour and it has everything you need. which brings me to the next point....
  • 24 hour Kmart!!!! Even though Tassie is often referred to as being behind the times.... they certainly are not when it comes to retail. Having a 24 hour Kmart seems pointless but we have been there several times at 11 at night trying to get stuff for the next day. 
  • The people.... yes there are some not so nice people down here... but there are also some lovely friendly people who made us feel so welcome when we arrived. 
  • The adventure opportunities. Although I havent done a lot of this yet, I am looking forward to a summer of snorkelling, kayaking, hiking, camping, and perhaps even some more extreme things like rock climbing. 
  • Call me crazy but I love the cold weather... yes I will enjoy the summer and all that comes with it but I love rugging up and sitting by the fire. 
  • The weather, usually on a day that starts with rain you will see the sun by the end of the day. 
  • The beaches, there are so many beautiful beaches and spots on the water down here! 
  • The history, there are so many excellent historical buildings and sights down here to explore. 

Things I could live without:

  • The distance from family and friends in QLD. Or having more money to fly back would also solve this :) 
  • The wind. Even though it got windy in QLD the wind here just seems to be more intense. 
  • This isnt want I could live without but more what I miss from QLD and that is Aldi, ikea and Trade Secret, all shops we dont have here in Tasmania. 
There is a lot more we love about the state and even more we have yet to discover. I cant wait for the next year here and all the visitors who will come to visit (yes this is a hint!!!) so we can share our beautiful state with you all! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Walls of Jerusalem - 3 Day Hike

I have mentioned a couple of times about Dustyn and 2 of his mates going on a 3 day hike back at the end of August. I posted here about what I got up to when they were away - I did some sewing. But I thought I better post about what the boys did. I am so amazed at what they hiked through but I must admit I am rather jealous also. They spent 3 days hiking through snow, rain, beautiful landscapes, falling in rivers and meeting the Tasmanian wildlife.

 (Photo above courtesy of Heath McCormack)

Dustyn and Joe at the point where the track splits in 2 an hour after starting their hike. 

(Photo above courtesy of Heath McCormack) 

Heath trekking along. 

Just one of the friendly little guys that they met along the way. Considering it was so cold I am surprised how much wildlife they actually saw! 

Their tents pitched on the tent platform, along with the mountain of snow they had to stomp down in order to be able to put their tents up!

The snow man Dustyn made :) He was still there until he met his tragic end on the last day. 


Oh by the way the video doesn't seem to want to work on mobile devices sorry :( 

Heath and Joe on the second day where the weather was rainy, miserable and visibility was fairly poor... but they still managed a 4 hours hike further in. 

Dustyn in the middle of a field to show the depth of the snow..... wish I was there to build my own snowman! 

Another little friendly fellow along the track. 

The stunning wintery scene. 

As they walked along their footprints would fill with water shortly after taking the next step. As it was raining the water was making little rivers underneath the snow that they couldn't see. At one point Heath even went waist deep into rushing water, a reminder that is can be rather dangerous.

A couple of beautiful scenes they got to see on the 3rd day heading back to the car. 

Overall I think they had an awesome time, considering when they came back they were talking non stop about how amazing it was. Even though I am jealous I didn't get to go, I am glad that Dustyn got to experience something so incredible. Although I have made the stipulation he will not being doing the overland track without me :)

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